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Cirvant, Randburg; is a progressive modern day poet, teacher and motivational speaker, originally from the projects of Nashville, Tennessee.

Cirvant lost his mother at the tender age of 12 to the HIV/AIDS virus and suffered sexual abuse as a child, with the absence of his father, he had to grow up fast and took it upon himself to be the father-figure to his sisters.

It was an extensive process of self-discovery, beginning 12 years ago, that led to his book “Wounded Healer – Memoirs and Poems of a broken boy”, this journey has also managed to heal wounds that he never knew were there.

Cirvant now speaks openly about his spiritual journey that healed him, hoping to create a platform for the youth to share their brokenness.

Joburg Style Photo Essay

This gallery forms part of a photo essay that I did for the Joburg Style Magazine. To view the other wonderful persons I photographed please click here.

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Puma Social Club

I was asked by to go to the Puma Social Club to photograph the club on a Friday evening. Fortunately for me famed rapper “AKA” was set to perform that evening so the club was filled with a great vibe and atmosphere which made for some great images, some of which I’m very proud of.

The gallery that came out was named “Perfectly Imperfect”. Here is the small text piece that accompanied the gallery.

Born and raised in Glencoe, KZN, Janeke Wissekerke left to study Architecture at The University of the Free State where her interest in film photography was sparked. She studied it alongside her degree for a few years. Throughout her time working as an architect in SA and abroad, she pursued her longstanding relationship with photography and gained experience under photographic portrait professionals in Brisbane. Janeke’s knowledge in architecture and design provides a different outlook, no matter how modest the subject. She never attempts perfection, believing in the incomplete, impulsiveness and unconventional that makes everything unique. Here’s what she saw at the Puma Social Club last Friday night.

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Joburg Youth

I headed down to Braamfontein, Johannesburg for this shoot, 20 odd resident assistants of South Point lined up to get a mug shot. The 3 hours were so vibey and was just an overall positive experience, each person burning their own personality onto the images. I count myself fortunate to have been part of that day. This album is just a snapshot of the inspirational youth we have in this city!