Joburg Style Photo Essay: “Making Lemonade”

The making of “Making Lemonade” in Joburg Style Magazine

As a photographer from Johannesburg, I found that my main inspiration are the people I encounter everyday, people who’s stories have crafted me into the person I am today, people that have no regrets of their past and face their futures without fear. They have never asked for easier lives but emerged as stronger, more confident souls due to the scars they carry, it was embraced as an opportunity for change.

This is dedicated to them and everyone who has been dealt some form of “lemons” in life, and have made their own lemonade out of it, I thank you for some of the recipes.


View Chumani’sfull gallery here.


Nelly aka “Star Lady”

View Nelly’sfull gallery here.



View Cirvant’sfull gallery here.


Featured photo essay in:

Joburg Style

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