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This is not an about me but rather, a why me page.

By this time, you most probably came across a few “photographic” services out there that have no registered company or dodging that dreaded VAT and tax. I’m not one of them, and I won’t give you a whole philosophy or any cheesy poetry of why I love what I do, because it’s quite obvious looking at my work that I do.

I studied photography for two years at the University of the Free State, during my first degree, many moons ago (before digital in the dark room days). Partly throughout my many years of working as an architect, I pursued my long term relationship with photography, gradually, building my skill set and “eye”.

In addition, I gained valuable experience at a product and portrait photographic studio in Brisbane, Australia where I resided and worked to complete my masters of architecture at the University of Queensland.

I trust my experience and knowledge in architecture and design gives me a different outlook on life, something I strive for when composing my images, no matter how modest the subject, after all it’s the incomplete, imperfections and impulsiveness, that makes everything unique.



Base packages starting from R8 600 and range to R14 900*


  • Couples
  • Engagement
  • Family
  • Events, and
  • Maternity

starting from R1 950*

All my images provided are personally and diligently edited, I will not release an imagine that has not gone through this process and thus not up to standard.

For a detailed matrix on the packages above, please get into contact with me, if needed, we can always discuss a tailored package suited for you… possibly over a quick coffee!

*Rates are inclusive of VAT

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